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 PubMed IDSpeciesExperiment descriptionSampleIdentificationsIsolation methodsVesicle typeMISEVQuantification
1 30863515 Homo sapiens Proteomic analysis reveals procoagulant properties of cigarette smoke-induced extracellular vesicles Lung epithelial cells Protein Centrifugal ultrafiltration
Size exclusion chromatography
Extracellular vesicles Small EVs EVQuant
2 33991177 Homo sapiens Cancer stem cell marker DCLK1 reprograms small extracellular vesicles toward migratory phenotype in gastric cancer cells Gastric cancer cells Protein Differential centrifugation
Small extracellular vesicles Small EVs EVQuant
3 33661579 Homo sapiens Pannexin-1 channel regulates nuclear content packaging into apoptotic bodies and their size T lymphoblast Protein Differential centrifugation Apoptotic bodies Large EVs EVQuant