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 PubMed IDSpeciesExperiment descriptionSampleIdentificationsIsolation methodsVesicle typeMISEVQuantification
1 30863515 Homo sapiens Proteomic analysis reveals procoagulant properties of cigarette smoke-induced extracellular vesicles Lung epithelial cells Protein Centrifugal ultrafiltration
Size exclusion chromatography
Extracellular vesicles Small EVs EVQuant
2 35333565 Homo sapiens LAMP2A regulates the loading of proteins into exosomes Retinal pigment epithelial cells Protein Differential centrifugation
Small extracellular vesicles Small EVs EVQuant
3 33661579 Homo sapiens Pannexin-1 channel regulates nuclear content packaging into apoptotic bodies and their size T lymphoblast Protein Differential centrifugation Apoptotic bodies Large EVs EVQuant