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 PubMed IDSpeciesExperiment descriptionSampleIdentificationsIsolation methodsVesicle typeMISEVQuantification
1 33661579 Homo sapiens Pannexin-1 channel regulates nuclear content packaging into apoptotic bodies and their size T lymphoblast Protein Differential centrifugation Apoptotic bodies Large EVs EVQuant
2 32938681 Homo sapiens Annexin A1-dependent tethering promotes extracellular vesicle aggregation revealed with single-extracellular vesicle analysis Valvular interstitial cells Protein Differential centrifugation
Extracellular vesicles EVs EVQuant
3 34108659 Homo sapiens Quantitative Proteomics Identifies the Core Proteome of Exosomes with Syntenin-1 as the highest abundant protein and a Putative Universal Biomarker Pancreatic cancer cells Protein Differential centrifugation
Size exclusion chromatography
Exosomes Small EVs EVQuant
4 33991177 Homo sapiens Cancer stem cell marker DCLK1 reprograms small extracellular vesicles toward migratory phenotype in gastric cancer cells Gastric cancer cells Protein Differential centrifugation
Small extracellular vesicles Small EVs EVQuant
5 32487994 Homo sapiens Plasma-derived extracellular vesicles from Plasmodium vivax patients signal spleen fibroblasts via NF-kB facilitating parasite cytoadherence Plasma Protein Centrifugation
Size exclusion chromatography
Extracellular vesicles Small EVs EVQuant